Here in the heart of the Hudson Valley we work each day toward a simple mission; heal and enrich the land we graze, honor the animals under our care, and provide nourishing, nutrient rich food for our community. We believe that sustainable agriculture has the power to restore peoples, economies, and ecosystems; so we are in the business of healing. Utilizing principals of regenerative agriculture and intensive rotational grazing on our farm, we are actively sequestering carbon, building top-soil, and restoring open healthy habitat for our animals and wildlife alike. If you would like to support our mission while providing nourishing food for your family, we invite you to explore our page and consider purchasing our beef.


Our cows spend their entire lives on pasture. They are 100% Grass-Fed and never receive grains or other concentrated feeds. We never treat our animals with growth hormones, antibiotics or chemical de-wormers, nor do we use fertilizers, insecticides, weed killers, or defoliants on our pasture.  We imitate natural systems and provide an environment for our cows that replicates the life they would have in nature. Our animals are all born and raised on the farm forming a stable social structure within the herd.  In our interactions with them we employ low stress handling techniques familiarizing the animals with us and their environment. During the grazing season they are moved to fresh pasture each day, and during the winter they eat hay (dried grass stored for winter) out on our pastures where they enjoy fresh air, clean water, and open space all year around.


We utilize techniques in intensive rotational grazing, moving our animals to fresh pasture daily.  This not only provides the ideal environment for our animals, but is essential to the health of the ecosystem.  Herbivores and grasslands are dependent on each other to thrive.  Herbivores prune, fertilize, and aerate the plants and soil,  while grasses provide food and sustenance for the herbivores. Healthy grassland ecosystems sequester as much carbon as strong forest stands, recharge groundwater tables, and are essential to healthy wildlife habitat. Simultaneously cows take a low nutrient food source we cannot digest (grass) and turn it into high value proteins. Understanding these principals in restorative agriculture is essential to healthy animals, environments, and communities.  It is our commitment to keep these principals central in our farming practices, and educate folks about the important role of herbivores in a thriving ecosystem.


Our mission and practices not only reflect the ethical commitment we have to our land and animals, but just as well create incredibly flavorful and nutrient rich beef. High in Omega 3’s, CLA’s, Vitamin B, and Calcium, our pasture raised beef boast a complex flavor profile, well expressed texture, and potent nutritional value. We sell our beef nose to tail by the side (half cow) and split side (quarter cow). We do this as it leads to the appreciation and utilization of all parts of the animal. Our customers recieve the full abundance of what our cows have to offer, and the end result is less waste and a more cost effective price for our patrons. Our products are available to be delivered regionally and are locally accessible in our CSA programs. All of the details on our products can be found on the products page.