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Pasture Raised Beef Quarters and Halves

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Quarters (90 lbs) $10 per pound
Halves (180 lbs) $9.75 per pound

A great way to stock your freezer with local grass-fed beef year round! In a quarter or half you can expect about 30% in premium quality steaks 15% in tender roasts, 15% in delicious ribs shank and stew meat, and 40% in our incredibly flavorful ground beef. All our cuts come in portioned vacuum sealed packages, ready to be incorporated into meals. Organs and bones (including oxtail, heart, and beef tongue) are also included at no additional cost. Our beef is 100% grass-fed free of any hormones chemicals or antibiotics, and raised with love here in the Hudson Valley.

The above weights are approximate as each cow varies slightly in weight and yield. After you place an order online we will reach out to you within a few business days with the final weight and price on your order, as well as schedule a time and location for delivery.  We are now taking orders for our 2021 Winter harvest.  Your beef will be ready by the first week of February. You are always welcome to reach out by phone at 201-414-4079 with any questions.

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Half of Beef, Quarter of Beef, Eighths


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