100% Grass-Fed Beef

Direct To You

Buying direct from the farm is great for those who want more autonomy over their meals. We sell halves and quarters of beef; saving you money on your food bill by providing you with an abundance of beef at a wholesale price. Customers enjoy the benefit of a stocked freezer and a choice variety of premium pasture raised beef cuts straight off our farm.


We provide premium cuts of our pasture raised beef through our CSA program. CSA's are a great model for those who don't have the freezer space to store a quarter or half of cow, but who want a supply of local pastured beef, year-round. Our CSA allows customers to buy a share of the animal and receive their beef on a bi-weekly basis over the course of a 6 month share.


What is CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture or CSA, is a model of food production and dispersal that brings farmers and customers into a relationship. CSA members buy a “share” of the farms harvest upfront, and receive a consistent selection of fresh food directly from the farm.

How Does it Work?

When purchasing a share with us you will receive a hand picked selection of premium pasture raised beef cuts straight from our farm.  There will be a series of bi-weekly pickups over the course of 6 months where you will be given a wonderful array of cuts individually packaged and ready for the kitchen. We offer both winter and summer shares as well as whole and half shares. You can expect a carefully curated assortment of steaks, roasts, ground beef, shank, and more at each pickup.  Bones and organs such as oxtail, heart, and liver are included for those who are interested, at no additional cost.

Pickup Locations

On Farm: 49 Old Kings Highway Stone Ridge NY, 12484                                       Pickups are on the first and third weekend of every month.                         Saturdays from 10 AM – 4 PM  |  Sundays from 12 PM –  8 PM                                Local Deliveries:  We understand that our on farm pickup times aren’t suitable for everyone, so we are open to meeting you locally near Kingston NY. Just let us know what location works for you and we will try our best to accommodate your specific needs. 

Share Options

Winter Share: Dec.- May 

Summer Share: June -Nov. 



Whole Share:  $1,150

6-10 lb of pasture raised beef at each bi-weekly pickup. Cuts include steaks, ground, shank, roasts, and other premium cuts               

Half Share:  $575                        

3-5 lb of pasture raised beef at each bi-weekly pickup. Cuts include steaks, ground, shank, roasts, and other premium cuts.


When buying nose to tail you can enjoy the full variety of steaks, roasts, ribs, shank, ground beef and other premium cuts our cows have to offer.  All cuts come in portioned vacuum sealed packages, ready to be incorporated into meals. Organs and bones are also included at no additional cost. Below are the approximate take home weights and their allotted pricing. We are available to deliver anywhere within a one hour radius of Kingston NY.  If you do not live locally we can make arrangements to meet regionally, or accommodate your needs as best we can. You can place an order by following the links below to our online store or by calling us directly at 201-414-4079.


45 LB
Assorted Cuts
$10.50 Per Lb

Available on a limited basis, eighths are perfect for gifts, or if you may be venturing to try 100% grass-fed beef for the first time.


90 LB
Assorted Cuts
$10.00 Per Lb

For those who eat beef on a weekly basis Quarters are a great way to keep your freezer stocked with local, ethical, pasture raised beef.


180 LB
Assorted Cuts
$9.75 Per Lb

Halves are an ideal way to feed a family. They can provide healthy nourishing food for a family of three or four, year round.